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November 1, 2012 / ristyka

The Zoo…..and Halloween

Who in the world goes to the zoo on Halloween?  Um…..that would be us!  We had a couple “afternoon” hours free on Halloween, so Nick and I decided to go to the zoo.  We arrived to absolutely ZERO cars in the parking lot.  That’s right!  We had the place to ourselves!  The zoo workers were gracious enough to give us a behind the scenes tour!  Nick LOVED it!


It takes so little to make him happy….

Checking out the camels…..

Being goofy and jumping in the bush….

Waiting for our “tour guides”

Back room where the giraffes hang out in cold weather…

Playing with the dividers…..

This is cool, mom!

Checking out the brown bears…..

Oh…..and we also attempted to go trick-or-treating.  We lasted all of two houses.  Nick was not interested at all.  Ally was tired.  Not a good mix.  We let my two neighbors see the kids, then went back to my parents’ house and hung out for a bit.

A very sad Dr. Nick Burgess (wasn’t feeling the costume)

Ms. Ally “the giraffe” Burgess


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