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January 5, 2013 / ristyka

Best Advice…..

As I sit here typing, I am reflecting back on the past three-ish years.  Nick will be turning THREE on March 10th and Ally will be ONE on January 30th.  I can’t help but think…..where in the heck has all the time gone?  I thought I would take this opportunity to share the BEST pieces of advice I have received thus far.

Piece of Advice #1 (Credit goes to my dad) LET SLEEPING DOGS LIE.  Since Nick was born, my dad has always told me to let sleeping dogs kids lie.  I have taken this advice to heart and rarely do I wake Nick or Ally up.  The few times I have woken them has always been a complete disaster. Either they are tired and grouchy or just plain pissed off.  I have learned to schedule my activities around their nap times.  In addition, I tend to let them sleep until they wake up in the morning.  I know this will change once they are in school so, for now, I will let them enjoy it!


The sleeping beauty fought the exersaucer and the exersaucer won…….

Piece of Advice #2 (Credit goes to my mom.) EVERY BABY IS DIFFERENT.  This is SO true. I have learned this TEN FOLD with Nick and Ally.  They are both VERY different personalities, and thus have been very different baby’s.  What worked for Nick did not necessarily work for Ally and vice versa.  I have learned to follow their leads in order to figure out what’s best for them, INDIVIDUALLY.


Both are such good kids, but oh so very different…. (not sure why they look like they just saw a ghost here…lol)

Piece of Advice #3 (Credit goes to my mom) TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS.  Sometimes people will tell you things that they are doing or their kids are doing.  Sometimes people will tell you that your kid isn’t hitting a milestone or should be doing something they are not yet doing.  IGNORE all of this.  Once you are a mom, you have this built in instinct that let’s you know everything is ok.  If your gut tells you different, then go with it.  Remember, there is nothing stronger than a mother’s instinct.


Nick and Mimi hanging out!

Piece of Advice #4 (credit, again, goes to my mom)  THERE WILL BE LONG DAYS, BUT THE BIG CHUNKS OF TIME FLY BY.  Oh, how true this is.  People will constantly say, ‘enjoy them while they are young,” or “time will go so quick.”  You do not realize this until the kids are actually your own.  I cannot believe Nick will be three.  I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday.  I swear.  How can this be?!?!  I have really tried to worry less about menial things and live in the moment with the babies.  Like I said, the time really does fly.  Of course, there are those never ending days…..but weeks turn to months and months turn to years and soon you have two college-aged kids!


Seriously…….how can you almost be THREE?


STOP Growing!

Piece of Advice #5 (credit goes to…..can’t remember) MAINTAIN YOUR INDIVIDUALITY, ONE DAY YOU WILL LOOK UP AND YOUR KIDS WILL BE GROWN AND OUT OF THE HOUSE.  I take this to mean, being a mother is by far the most important thing I do in a day…but it is not the only thing I do.  I also have several interests outside of parenting that I like to explore.  I like to workout, run, hike with Dexter, read, pursue professional development (i.e. taking classes for my specialist degree at U of M- Dearborn), and spend time with family and friends.  All of this is PART of who I am.  With many of my interests, the kids can also come along/participate, and I love that.  However, sometimes it is nice just to go out for a walk with Dex and be one with my thoughts!


Commitment Day 5k with my family and my neighbor!

Kristy and Jeff Running

My brother and I at the Jingle Bell Run:-)

I love and adore my kids more than life itself.  They have taught me and continue to teach me lessons everyday.  The most difficult and most rewarding job you will ever have is being a parent.  I don’t think there is any magic formula to being a good parent.  I think a lot of it is instinct, a lot of it is patience, and the biggest part is creating a mutual respect with your kids.  Those are the things I hope to accomplish with my babies.  On that note, stay tuned for tomorrow’s post…….my 2013 Goals……and there are a lot of them!


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