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December 2, 2013 / ristyka

It’s Ok……..

I believe this is the 21st Century version of a confessional.  I miss writing.  It has not been a priority lately; because I haven’t made it one.  I love looking back at the posts and reading about the craziness of raising the babies.  I am going to try to do a better job of keeping up with this again:-)

Drumroll, please……….

It’s ok to:

1) Have chocolate for dinner every once in awhile (ok….or three times a week).

2) Feel incredibly blessed and incredibly overwhelmed at the same time.


3) Get excited to go back to work after a LONG weekend.



4) Get upset with a student and then realize you are yelling at the wrong student (and then wish you were home).

5) Wear two different socks…..and shoes to work.

6) Stay in your pajamas all day.


7) Be secretly proud of your daughter when she goes after another toddler in “Baby Soccer” (in her defense, that little stinker did steal her ball).


8) Put the kids to bed and then get the “good snacks” out.

9) Tie your dog to a tree and walk three blocks without him when he doesn’t listen to you (yep, I lost it).


10) Get excited when you know you will have time to read a magazine, uninterrupted:-).

11) Have condiments in your fridge older than your kids.

12) Close your eyes and pretend (ok…..wish) you are all alone on a beach in Hawaii (then open your eyes to a naked child running at you with a Lego tower).


13) “Hug it Out” with a cashier at Target.


14) Invest your time and energy in positive people and forget the ones that bring you down.



15) Secretly LOVE Monday Night Raw (maybe that’s where Ally gets it from:-)




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